"Snap snap": Carmen Geiss flashes fans with a new hairstyle

Carmen Geiss in September 2022 at the hairdresser

Carmen Geiss (57) dares something new again! The TV fame takes her fans to Die Geissens again and again in her turbulent everyday life: Because with her husband Robert (58) and their two daughters, the proud mom experiences a lot. She is always trying out new styles – now flashed carmen her followers promptly with

Sexual violence in porn: four men indicted in Paris

Four men were indicted on Friday in Paris for trafficking in human beings in an organized gang and gang rape in the investigation in Paris on the pornographic video platform “French Bukkake”, we learned from a judicial source. Two of them were placed in pre-trial detention and the other two under judicial supervision, said this

Heidi Frederikke Sigdal shaken after ‘Wild with dance’ experience: ‘It was just a matter of staying on your feet’

Vild med dans on TV2 will be held in Copenhagen, Friday 30 September 2022.

Whoa, let us play the article. It is ready when you have clicked ‘Allow all’ Give permission She should be smiling with relief after surviving the evening’s dance. But it is clear from Heidi Frederikke Sigdal’s wet, red eyes that she has just cried when BT catches her after Friday’s ‘Wild with dance’. “I am