Capalbio Libri 2022, ‘The pleasure of reading’ unites, fascinates and convinces: Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli awarded

The scent of paper and indelible ink imprinted on pages of culture, imagination, anecdotes and history. Always, books lull, accompany, take readers by the hand. And they open windows to the world, even when getting wet with a drop of knowledge seems impossible. Reading is, therefore, one of the keys to face everyday life and

Julie’s daughter dies after cosmetic surgery: ‘I flew to Turkey with my daughter alive, she came back in a coffin’

Julie, a Dutch mother, is devastated. Her daughter, Sharida, had traveled to Turkey for cosmetic surgery, but died of complications. ” I love you mom. Promise me to take care of my children,” were the last words Julie Hari heard from her daughter, Sharida, reports Het Laatste Nieuws. Last February, the 39-year-old decided to undergo

Space weather: why more and more solar storms will soon hit Earth?

The peak of solar activity, represented on this graph, should be reached in 2025.

Space weather predicts future solar flares. Scientists have observed a possible resurgence of this phenomenon in the coming months. Capricious weather on Earth, but also in space… Solar storms, or solar flares, are a manifestation of the activity of the Sun that can have consequences on Earth: power grid and telecommunication systems cut, aurora borealis…

Sophia Thiel: Sophia Thiel in dark Wacken style

Sophia Thiel

Sophia Thiel At the Wacken Open Air, she transforms from a gym girl into a gothic queen © The celebrity looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Sophia Thiel shows a completely different side of herself +++ Sonya Kraus posts a sexy bikini picture with an important message. Exciting celebrity looks in the

A very brutal transfer window, OL see it coming

Since the signing of Nicolas Tagliafico, the transfer window has stopped at OL, which has also recruited Lepenant, Tolisso and Lacazette this summer. Four recruits and then that’s it? The Olympique Lyonnais transfer window has been at a standstill since the signing of Nicolas Tagliafico from Ajax Amsterdam. It must be said that the Rhone