How Chris Benoit, the former WWE World Champion, died

Chris Benoit defeated Triple H, became the new WWE Champion and celebrated with his friend Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania 20 |  Photo: WWE

On June 25, 2007, wrestling dressed in mourning for Chris Benoit’s deathwhose body and that of their relatives was found in strange circumstances, and that unleashed a strong controversy around WWEthe largest wrestling company in the world. It should be noted that the night the Canadian fighter was found dead, he had been scheduled to

Terrible misadventure for the bosses of the Botanical, robbed in Namur: they come face to face with their thieves, their computer ends up in a squat!

Valentin and his companion, the owners of the “Botanical By Alphonse” café, were robbed at their home in Salzinnes. Charlie found herself face to face with the thieves. Thanks to an application, the couple knew that their computer was in a squat. Valentin Norberg and Charlie, his partner, at the head of the café “Botanical

US senators call for investigation into TikTok

The pressure is mounting (again) for the social network of the Chinese group ByteDance. A US parliamentary committee on Tuesday called for an investigation into TikTok’s data privacy practices. At the heart of the controversy, an article by buzzfeed in mid-June, claiming that Bytedance employees in China had access to non-public data about US users

“In the background there is room”: ‘Peter’ did not die and from his critical condition he discovered a secret

“There is room in the background” more and more interesting in its new episodes. This time, ‘Peter’ is the protagonist of the recent chapter when he suffered a serious decompensation after learning that ‘Francesca Maldini’ married ‘Diego Montalbán’. The faithful butler ended up in a hospital bed, but his tests returned encouraging results. A news

United States: July 4th shooting suspect charged with seven murders

The young man accused of opening fire during US National Day celebrations in Highland Park near Chicago has been charged with seven murders, authorities said on Tuesday. Robert C., 21, could face “dozens of other charges centering on each of the victims,” ​​which will be detailed later, said Eric Rinehart, attorney general for Lake County.

Gotta’s inheritance is definitely divided: And Dominika?

Ivana Gottová disappointed the legend: I was very sorry

Some time ago, the court decided that the amount of 8 million crowns will be divided between five heirs in total – the widow Ivana Gottova, daughters Charlotte and Nelly, daughter Lucie and the fifth heir is still unknown. This is mainly money from the singer’s royalties and honorariums, which will continue to flow. Dominika

Health Advisor Aha! Dental Plaque: The Silent Pest

Health Advisor Aha!  How to fight teeth grinding

You can tell how well a person takes care of themselves by their teeth. And it’s true that dental and oral care is getting better every year. However, the result should not only be a bright smile, but also the health of the entire organism. Insufficient or improper dental care causes dental plaque. It is