Zytromax out of stock in pharmacies. Everyone is looking for it to cure Covid, but experts: “No, it’s only for bacterial infections”

It Zitromax and its generic considerationhas not been found in Italian pharmacies for days. It is the most used antibiotic for Covid patients, both at home and in the hospital. The molecule necessary to produce it is missing: the difficulty in finding the medicine is due to the wide use of the two months just passed, when the cases have grown. It is also assumed that the drug has been bought in large quantities even by those who have not contracted the disease but are afraid of being infected.

Pfizer, the manufacturing company, confirmed: the shortage is due “to a high demand, higher than the estimates and to the usual demand”. The medicine “will be available again at the end of February”. The pharmaceutical company informs that it has already communicated to AIFA – the Italian Medicines Agency – the unavailability of the 500mg tablet formulation and the 200mg / 5ml powder for oral suspension on January 3, 2022 and November 12, 2021 respectively.

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The drug is used in the therapy against Covid following several scientific studies that have demonstrated its effectiveness both to counteract any complications in patients due to bacteria, and with the value of immuno modulating against the Sars-Cov2 virus. However, its effectiveness is valid only in certain cases, as underlined by some scientific voices. “At the beginning it was thought that azithromycin also had an anti-inflammatory effect, in reality the guidelines do not recommend it outside of bacterial infections”, he says Giovanni Maga, director of the Cnr molecular genetic institute. “There are more specific drugs such as the new anti virals”.

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