"Zuleyha": the tender images of Murat Ünalmış, one of the protagonists, with his niece

Zuleyha-and-Hercai-are-established-among-the-most-viewed-20220729-0020.html” target=”_blank”>Since “Züleyha” started airing, viewers fell in love with the gripping plot. As well as they began to know the personal life of the actors and the activity they have in their social networks.

Over there Murat Ünalmış, the protagonist of the novel, surprised everyone when he posed next to a baby. That caught the attention of his followers since he is not a dad, however He clarified in the post that it was his niece.

“Famous as a Girl! Her Uncle’s Holiday Sweets!”wrote the actor of “Züleyha”. After his publication, many of the comments encouraged him to have his own children and become a father.

In the meantime, Murat Ünalmış he is enjoying his family in cappadocia before rolling again. Likewise, he began a new stage as an entrepreneur and decided to open a business.

Murat Ünalmış playing his character in “Züleyha”.

Murat Ünalmış with his niece.

Murat Ünalmış with his niece.

I read everything about Zuleyha” target=”_blank”>”Züleyha”

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