"Zuleyha": the protagonist, Uğur Güneş, told how he identifies with his character

Zuleyha-Fugitive-and-Sonar-With-You-three-Turkish-novels-among-the-most-watched-on-television-20220504-0044.html” target=”_blank”>“Züleyha” is one of Telefe’s most viewed soap operas. Such is the success of Turkish fiction, that the station decided to add more chapters per day. It is for this reason that viewers begin to learn a little more about the life of the actors.

In this case, Zuleyha-as-is-the-life-of-the-protagonist-of-the-successful-novel–20220430-0002.html” target=”_blank”>Uğur Güneş, the main actor of “Züleyha”explained what dots connect it with Yilmazhis fictional character. “We have some things in common. I am one of those who live by their pride, I am a very stubborn person in certain matters”said the artist for an interview on “Week”.

And I add: “I fight until the end, and I never forget the good or the bad, they are things that always remain in my mind.” He was also asked if he would be willing to fight for love as he does in fiction and he assured that he would do so in the event that love has been taken by force.

During the recordings of the novel, Zuleyha-the-rumors-of-romance-in-real-life-between-the-two-protagonists-grow-20220507-0007.html” target=”_blank”>he has been linked with his castmate, Hilal Altınbilek. Despite the different speculations made by the Turkish media, they denied their romance and explained that they are just friends.

Hilal Altınbilek and Uğur Güneş, the protagonists of “Züleyha”.

For now, we will have to see how this great love story ends. As well as the life of Zuleyha-unexpected-reason-for-a-protagonist-left-the-filming-set-20220510-0006.html” target=”_blank”>Saniye, who began to worry his followers with his sudden departure from fiction.

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