"Zuleyha": the incredible physical change of its protagonist, Hilal Altınbilek

Zuleyha” is one of the most viewed soap operas of the afternoon on television and Telefe executives contemplated the precedent of Doctor Miracle Y “fugitive” by adding it to its contents. So much is the devotion for these Turkish productions that the grid they joined”To Dream With You”, “Hercai” and “Our Eternal Love”.

While the protagonists are linked to having a secret romancethe story narrates the love story of Yılmaz, a man who is willing to kill and die to defend his partner, Züleyha.

Considered one of the most beautiful women in her country, the Angelina Jolie turkish, Hilal Altinbilekthe interpreter of “Zuleyha“He rose to stardom with the novel but has had a career in the region’s media for years.

Such is the impact of the series that the interpreter of 30 years She is no stranger to the criticism she receives for her face and body. Unfiltered, Hilal clarified that she looks different from her younger version as she has some cosmetic procedures done: I have aesthetic nose and teeth. The image they compare me to is from 10 years ago. Aesthetics make a big difference because my procedures are right in the middle of my face”.

Some clear aesthetic differences between the “before and after” of Hilal Altinbilek it is his less defined face, the wide nose and the different hair color.

The before and after of the protagonist of “Züleyha”.

The before and after of the protagonist of 'Züleyha'.

The before and after of the protagonist of “Züleyha”.

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