"zuleyha" says goodbye and Telefé already has his replacement: the details

After one season of broadcast marked by good rating, “Züleyha” prepares to say goodbye to the screen telefé. The channel, which today enjoys regular viewing peaks thanks to “Big Brother 2022”, already has a replacement in mind for the Turkish novel, and it promises to be revolutionary.

As reported “The Pavada” of Daily Chroniclethe program in charge of covering the 7:00 p.m. block in mid-December will be “The Challenge”, another world format that is preparing to land for the first time in Argentina. The cycle will be under the leadership of Marleywho today is busy covering the World Cup Qatar 2022 since “For the World World”and was produced by Boxfish.

“The Challenge” will bring together 18 participants, all argentinian celebritiesand will face them throughout 18 days of survival games crossed by the necessary cunning, strength and dexterity, for a final prize of $15,000as reported by the panelist Maite Penoñori on his Instagram account.

“The Challenge” promises to face famous Argentines in games of skill

If the Argentine format continues with the global trend, viewers can expect to see their favorite celebrities outdoors, in high altitude scenarios, on muddy or flooded soilsas well as with pitfalls that pose greater difficulty. Sol Perezone of the guests to the cycle, assured that “Nothing like this was ever seen in Argentina. What’s to come is impressive”.

The influencer will be accompanied by Sofía Jujuy Jiménez, Claudia Albertario, Eva Bargiela, Virginia Elizalde, Carolina Duer, Floppy Tesouro, María Fernanda Callejón, Julieta Puente, Benja Alfonso, Yeyo De Gregorio, Lizardo Ponce, Fernando Burlando, Rodrigo Cascón, Jonás Gutiérrez and Rodrigo MoraAs reported brito angel on their social networks.

This is how the new Telefé program Ángel de Brito announced

As for the rest of the programming, the finals of “Juego chino” are coming up on December 16, “PH (Podemos hablar)” on Saturday the 17th, “La Peña de Morfi” on Sunday the 18th and “El último pasajero” on the 25th. December, on the birthday of Nico Occhiato. This Sunday with Jey Mammón there will be Virus, Los Carabajal, Miguel “Conejito” Alejandro and a surprise. Before, jesica cirio goes with his talk next to Julia SilvaAcuña’s wife, within the cycle “The Women of the Selection”.

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