"Zuleyha": Murat Ünalmış will return to the Turkish novel before the end

“Züleyha” is one of Telefe’s most successful soap operas. Turkish fiction caught viewers and they can’t stop watching it. Nevertheless, everyone was surprised by the unexpected departure of the Çukurova landowner, Demir Yaman.

Such was the impact of the news that all the fans of the daily strip could not believe what they were seeing. As the fans insisted a lot for Murat Ünalmış to return to the small screen, from the production they made a new contract where the actor will appear again, but he will only do it for 10 minutes.

Apparently the artist who gives life to Demir Yaman will appear again in the last chapters of the novel and thus be able to give it closure.not only to his character, but also to the great love story that is “Züleyha”.

At the moment, it was not detailed in which scenes it will be since it is unknown what the end of this exciting story will be. What is certain is that all fiction fans are aware of the steps of all the actors.

Murat Ünalmış characterized as his character in “Züleyha”.

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