"Zuleyha": concern about the departure of one of the actresses

“Züleyha” became one of Telefe’s most viewed soap operas. Such is its impact that the station decided to add broadcasts during the day so that its fans do not miss anything. However, fans of fiction began to worry about the absence of one of the actresses.

saniye He is one of the main characters and different speculations appeared about his absence in the various scenes of the daily strip. Such was the commotion caused by viewers that the producer had to go out to clarify what happened to the actress.

It was there when Tims & Productions confirmed that Selin Yenincithe real name of the Turkish actress, She was hospitalized after contracting Coronavirus. The artist was hospitalized for 20 days and during all that time, plus the subsequent recovery, he could not go to the recordings.

Despite the concern of his family and co-workers, saniye She is already recovered and in the next few days she will begin to be seen again in “Züleyha”. At the moment, she has not been linked to anyone in the cast, while the rumors of romance between the protagonists are increasing.

Selin Yeninci, the “Züleyha” actress who had to take a leave of absence from the recordings after contracting COVID-19.

We will have to see how it unfolds in history and what will be the end of this great story that caught thousands of users. In the meantime, “Züleyha” continues with its two daily broadcasts on Telefe.

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