Zounar from Ordinac: Suicide because of Bočanová!

Bobo has a problem. First, it became clear that he is not a doctor of medicine, because he once failed the final state exams. Second, the woman of his dreams, Darina, breaks up with him Mahulena Bočanová (55). His life has become so meaningless…

Scythe like crazy

Although the actor could have hired a stuntman for the entire intense suicide scene, he decided to throw himself into the icy water. The professional replaced him only during the four-meter jump from the bridge. Zounar so first he had to balance fearlessly on the railing and then mainly swim to the shore through the icy water. “Scythe like crazy! But I actually feel like I’m in a cotton ball here, Martínek has to go into the water, I’m just saving him,” Bočanová commented mischievously right on set.

The return of Marika Šoposká to the Ordinac and the photo of Patrik Děrgel, which will cause an uproar

They didn’t break the ice

Zounar, still dry, jumped into her speech: “Well, thank you very much! Just look what I can do for you today! The water is crazy… They were always joking that it would be nothing. But is! I’m surprised the crew didn’t have to break the ice this morning!”

The entire crew applauded

Finally, Zounar bravely threw himself into the water and his head also disappeared under the surface, as agreed. Not surprisingly, when he finally emerged, he was applauded enthusiastically by the entire crew. However, the question still remains as to why Bobo fell from the bridge. Does this really mean the definitive end of the cult figure of the Order? Viewers will get the answers today on Voyo!

Under the supervision of doctors and a professional advisor

The day-long filming on the bridge in Nelahozevs was being prepared very early in the morning at the end of November. According to behind-the-scenes information, it was freezing and the crew was larger than usual, as they had to be prepared for all variants. Paramedics, a higher number of doctors and also an expert advisor – the ice man David Vencl – had to be present. “Martin is a well-deserved athlete, he swam competitively for ten years, he seems healthy and confident to me, so I wasn’t afraid that he would get soft,” said Vencl.

Kateřina Brožová for the first time in the Ordinance already on Thursday. However, she certainly did not expect this!

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