Zoff with Celebrity BB Jeremy: Does Valentina become unpopular?

Is this still escalating? For a few days, the candidates have moved into the celebrity Big Brother container. But there is already a crisis in the attic: Jeremy Fragrance (33) in particular caused bad air because he refused to put on the Big Brother outfit. Valentina Doronina didn’t like that at all and she turned against him from that moment on. Now she railed against the fragrance influencer like crazy!

When the group wanted to cook something to eat, Jeremy offered to help. Valentina then freaked out that he shouldn’t touch her food and called him an asshole several times. Jay Khan (40) also intervened: “I’m a bit older, but you’re extremely hateful towards him right now!” The reality TV popularity was not deterred and kept shooting at him. “They just let everything go, they’re too nice, but he can’t do that with me”, she clarified. “I’m scared of the person she turns into. She shoots herself with it,” added Sam Dylan (31).

And how was Jeremy doing? Most of the time he stood by and let the spectacle unfold. “I’m a bit above that, but somehow not. I wanted to integrate myself, but I’ll let that be for now”, the TikTok star admitted in a one-on-one interview. He later spoke to the group and emphasized that he was fine.

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Jay Khan, “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant
Sam Dylan, “Celebrity Big Brother” contestant

Instagram / jeremyfragrance

Jeremy Fragrance, perfume influencer

Can you understand that Valentina freaked out?

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