Zodiac Test: Do you have all the qualities of a Leo?

In the Zodiac, Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the sun whose representative animal is the king of the savannah, a Lion. A unique sign that can sometimes be considered presumptuous and self-centered due to its high self-esteem. This sign has many qualities, do you think you have them all?

There are 12 zodiac signs with different personalities, qualities and flaws. One of the best known is Leo, sign of people born between July 22 and August 22. Ruled by the Sun, Leo has the makings of a leader and has great confidence in himself. East test will help you know if you have all your qualities.

Leo is one of the most extroverted signs. // Source: Twitter @sign_leo

Sometimes, many people do not feel identified with the sign they were born with, either because they do not have the same characteristics or because they do not like what they say about the sign. If you have doubts about whether you really are very Leo or not, this test will solve them for you.

To know if you are a Leo, you must check if you were born between July 22 and August 22. Similarly, if you like to learn more and know your birth chart, you probably know if you have Leo in one of your important houses such as the moon, the ascendant or even venus or mars. In any case, this test will help you know if you are very Leo or not.

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How Leo are you? Test to know if you have its attributes

  • Which of these words best describes you?

A) Relaxed.

B) Creative.

C) Confident.

  • What is your role in your family?

A) I like to be the person they protect, to be one of the cared for and pampered.

B) I try to be one of the pillars and guides when there are problems.

C) The funny one of the family, who usually encourages everyone when they need it.

  • If you have to do teamwork, what do you do?

A) I will ask if they let me do it alone, I am not good at working with other people.

B) I will ask what topic each one wants and I will try to organize so that we all work together and finish everything on time.

C) I will be the leader, I will help everyone to organize ourselves to deliver the best work.

  • This weekend there is a party, what will be your role in the celebration?

A) I probably won’t go, I don’t like parties or socializing.

B) I don’t like to attract too much attention, but I will find a way to amuse the majority and lighten the atmosphere.

C) The center of attention of course, I will bring the fun.

  • When you have problems, what do you do?

A) I get small, I have no idea how to fix it.

B) I think of all possible solutions and try to find a way to fix it.

C) I take a deep breath and trust that everything will work out, I will certainly be able to do it.


  • Although it is your sign, you are not very Leo. (Majority A)

Or maybe you want to hide your true personality. You don’t have many of Leo’s qualities, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps another sign or element predominates in your chart. In any case, there are many things from Leo that you can learn and implement in your life. Sure everyone wants that confidence that characterizes him.

  • 50% Leo, you are a few steps away from becoming very Leo. (Majority B)

Maybe you are sometimes very introverted or hate being the leader, but you have many Leo qualities that make you special and cooler. If you continue like this you will soon gain all the qualities of a good lion.

  • Proudly Leo, you honor your Sun sign. (Majority C)

Do you have a lion tattoo? You are very proud of your sign and you are not ashamed to hide it, of course you have nothing to hide. You have many qualities of Leo and that makes you the object of various envy, fortunately you do not let anyone dull your shine.

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