Zlata Adamovská about her husband: I never wanted an actor!

Zlata Adamovská (63) knows that the bread she is the biggest slice is. She never wanted to act at home. In the first marriage with a musician and in the second with a journalist, it turned out, but when the actress got married for the third time, she said “yes” to her colleague, actor Petr Štěpánek (73).

“It never occurred to me to want an actor. They are self-centered and they still decide if they are on the farm, what they played, and even talking was always about the job, and I just didn’t want that. I never even had an actor, I never dated anyone, “she explained Adamovská. But then, once during the filming of the series Surgery in the Rose Garden, she paused at the fence with Štěpánek, and love was born.

Zlata Adamovska & amp; Petr Štěpánek: How did they get together and how does it go at home?

However, the topic that colleagues found common ground was not their work, but drilling. “We are both do-it-yourselfers. I can tell it, we call ourselves Pat and Mat, “said the current husband of Adamovská in the talk show 7 Falls of Honza Dědek. You can meet the actress more often in one of the hobby markets than in clothing stores. Adamov ‘s Secret Wedding and Štěpánka took place nine years ago.

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