Zimbabwe Misfortunes People are afraid to get married in November get divorced

Zimbabwe Misfortunes: Weddings are important for everyone. In Indian society, people usually get married only once in a lifetime. Because of this, the Muhurta and Nakshatras are also taken care of at the time of marriage. Most of the marriages in India take place in the summer season, but a large number of people also get married in the winter. Here we are talking about a Zimbabwean belief, which is associated with weddings. People here avoid getting married in the month of November, because they believe that doing so does not lead to children and divorces soon.

Although the whole of Zimbabwe does not believe in this belief, the people of the Shona community follow this practice. These people usually live in South Africa and especially in Zimbabwe. It rains here in the month of November. Because of this, this month is very important for the development of flora and fauna. Some people also believe that this month is very sacred for rituals. Because of this no noisy ceremony is organized here in the month of November.

The people of the Christian community are against this tradition

Some people of the Christian community consider this month to be quite sacred and are against the ban on activities like marriage. At the same time, people who believe in traditions still avoid getting married in this month. A survey by the Saturday Herald Lifestyle has revealed that the issue of Black November is linked to tradition and cultural beliefs. People believe it according to their wish. No person is forced to follow this tradition.

Marriages do not happen even because of the breeding of goats

There are many reasons for not getting married in the month of November in Zimbabwe. One of these is that the demand for goats and goats increases during weddings. At the same time, this month is suitable for their breeding. Because of this, people who keep goats and goats advise not to get married this month. Because it becomes difficult to get goats and goats for the feast this month.

There are many stories

Many stories related to this are also prevalent among people who believe that they do not marry in November. They say that if you get married in November, you have to face problems in future. One of the victims said, ‘I remember that my brother got married eight years ago in the month of November and till now he has not got any child.

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