Zilu Godoi shoots at anyone who finds her ugly: "It doesn’t change my self-love"

This morning, the businesswoman Zilu Godoi answered questions from her fans and followers by opening a question box in Instagram Stories. the ex-wife of Zezé Di Camargo answered a question if there are people who think she is ugly, and she assured that it does not affect her.

“Whether you have it or not, their opinion doesn’t change my self-love,” the 64-year-old businesswoman declared, sharing her response along with a bikini photo.

During the questions, she still tells what makes her sad are the lies they tell about her on social media and sensational sites. “News that does not match the truth. And seeing influencers gaining fame, money, on top of other people’s misfortune. And having to remain silent so as not to expose situations or people I love,” said Zilu.

The businesswoman also reveals that she no longer answers questions about her personal life: “Indiscreet questions, which involve third parties, or that will cause controversy, I don’t answer. I don’t give more ratings”.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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