Zilu Godoi poses in a bikini at age 64 and receives compliments: “Sexy without being piriguete”

Zilu Godoi caught the attention of her followers, this Thursday (11/17), by publishing a photo where she appears sensualizing on her official Instagram account. On click, the ex of Zeze Di Camargo appears in bed, wearing a bikini.

“It’s worth seeing Bilu again posing for a photo!”, She wrote in the caption, citing the puppy that appears under her bed in the click. Immediately, the photo earned dozens of compliments for the 64-year-old businesswoman.

“You are an example of female empowerment,” said a follower. “Better than Bilu’s pose is Zilu’s pose, what a beautiful woman”, commented another. “Super wonder woman!” exclaimed a third. “Sexy without being piriguete”, teased another.

Recently, Zilu used her Instagram account to interact with her followers. In one of the answers, she recalled the trips to Disney that she made with her children, Wanessa, Camilla and Igor Camargo, alongside her ex-husband, Zezé Di Camargo🇧🇷

The businesswoman responded to a follower who asked her if she used to go to the Disney park with her family when she was married to the sertanejo. “We went several times. My children have always been in love with Disney,” she explained when posting the photo where the whole family appears in one of the best known areas of the park in Orlando, Florida.

Currently, Zilu lives in the United States. In August, Camilla Camargo used his Instagram profile to share a video where he recorded the emotional reunion with his mother after almost three years without seeing her in person🇧🇷

“The reunion after more than 2 and a half years. Happiness bursting from the chest. I love you so much, Zilu Godoi”, said the actress and daughter of the businesswoman in the caption of the post.

At the end of July, Zilu answered questions from her fans and followers by opening a question box on Instagram Stories. The businesswoman answered a question if there are people who think she is ugly, and she assured that this does not affect her🇧🇷

Zilu Godoi posts a photo of her family with Zezé Di Camargo – Photo: Instagram

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