Žilková is taking a risk: The doctor’s emphatic warning

In one of the last parts of the regular Cvičeniček, which Žilkova publishes regularly on her Instagram, some followers were surprised by the sentence that Veronika would quickly calm down the line after Kordule was preparing a snack for school in the morning. That wouldn’t be unusual if her daughter wasn’t already slowly approaching adulthood. And there was a big halo.

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The editors of TN.cz even contacted a psychologist, who commented on the whole incident and definitely did not spare Žilková. He even pointed out that he is leading his daughter to complete independence and is not preparing her for life at all. “The moment a parent decides to prepare snacks and doesn’t expect anything from it, there is a risk that the child may not be independent enough,” explained the psychologist.

“Taking care of your food during the day is one of the basic competences that means survival. If I overdo it and have a full plate every time and don’t have to give anything for it, it’s very unbalanced.” the psychologist also thinks with a raised warning sign that this can lead to a violation of the child’s self-confidence. No matter how things go with Veronika and Kordula, it must be added that this affair is perhaps laughably far-fetched.

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