Žilková harshly about gold diggers: A game of false defenselessness and doe eyes

She herself plays the role of Anička in the series, who first worked in a country pub and gradually made it to the head of the parliamentary canteen. However, her career progression was not entirely due to diligence and a job well done. “I think there are many stories around the world of young girls who decide to pursue their careers through bed. In some countries, when a case of a lover of a high-ranking civil servant breaks out, it is of course immediately dealt with as a moral lapse. Our society is fairly tolerant of it,” Veronika expressed her opinion for the website Prima Zenya. “Those careers of lusty misses give powerful men a kind of fragility, a raw false cluelessness, and doe eyes,” she added.

Divorcing Veronika Žilková: I will always prefer children to a man! And why doesn’t he want to live with anyone else?

She too moved in the mysterious political world for a long time, as she was married to a member of the government Martin Stropnický (66). “The political environment attracts people who have to have some prerequisites for it, because politics requires hard elbows and the ability to play games. It is an environment that I was very happy to leave and I know that I will never return to it.” she confided Žilkova.

Veronika Žilková with her son Vincent Navrátil at Lvech: In which movie did they play together?

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