Zezé Motta rebuts Sérgio Camargo’s controversial comment on the web: “Shaming blacks”

Actress and established singer, Zeze Motta, 77, used his Instagram page to counter a controversial comment made by the journalist Sergio Camargo 一 President of the Palmares Cultural Foundation.

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On Twitter, on November 15th, he shared images of her and the singer Djavan wearing the “Imagine the Pain, Guess the Color” campaign t-shirt, and criticized the artists:

“Disgraceful niggers these up there. Campaigns like this reinforce racism. Unfortunate. There is no pain (anguish) unique and specific to black people because of their skin color. Anyone who believes this is either a racist or a complete imbecile. Black emotions are common to all human beings. The racial monopoly on suffering is an invention of idle artists!” he posted.

In an open letter, Zezé Motta highlighted that he has always “fought for preservation and respect” and a country “without pain, without anguish and without despair”.

“We fight for a better country, without pain, without anguish, without despair, without monopolies of the ‘unprepared’ who do not respect the daily ‘pains’ of our people so ‘pained’ so suffered and hurt by the alienated who only contribute to the ‘ our pain’ is increasing”, she says, in an excerpt of the post.

Zeze added: “Disgraceful blacks? We are the ones who fight every day for ‘our’ Fundação Palmares to continue with the philosophy, ideology and line of implemented political action, which we struggled so hard to establish”, he argued.

When they saw the actress’ letter, many famous people published messages of support: “Zezé, beloved, example, beauty, character… things that the despicable does not have, will never have. It will pass. You and so many will continue forever in ART!”, said Astrid Fontenelle. “You are wonderful”, praised Tadeu Melo. “Thank you for everything and for so much Zezé!”, thanked Dandara Mariana.

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