Zezé Motta advocates that black women use their hair as they wish: "It’s liberating!"

Through her Instagram profile, the actress Zeze Motta made a post this Thursday afternoon (18/11) to comment on the importance of the freedom of black women to be able to use their hair as they please. The actress shared a photo of herself where she appears posing with straight hair.

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“I’m from the party where we women can wear whatever hair we want. Black women don’t even talk. A black woman can wear straight, blonde, black hair, whatever suits her best. But it did exist, in a time not too far away , the discussion in the audiovisual that for a black woman to play the successful role she needed to have straight hair”, began Zezé in the caption of her post.

She continues the text commenting on one of her characters. “This was one of my characters, a successful black woman, an executive, and at that time the direction thought that adopting the straight strands would make the character more imposing. Currently the audiovisual is changing, we evolved, we just stopped and watched some productions of today , isn’t it? Today I am very happy to see women directors of companies, successful women in life taking over their Afro threads. I don’t like any kind of patrol and I think everyone has to use what they feel like now, having the freedom to assume who we are, without fear, is liberating!”, he concluded.

Recently, the actress used her Instagram page to refute a controversial comment made by journalist Sérgio Camargo 一 president since Palmares Cultural Foundation. On Twitter, on November 15th, he shared images of her and the singer Djavan wearing the “Imagine the Pain, Guess the Color” campaign t-shirt, and criticized the artists.

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