Zeynep Korel: who is Bergüzar Korel’s older sister and why did she leave her family

Bergüzar Korel is a Turkish actress who became well known for her participation in the soap opera “Arabian Nights”With Halit Ergenç, who would later become her husband. Although success has smiled on the artist in the professional and sentimental field, she has also had to deal with some situations in the family sphere, especially with her sister Zeynep Korel.

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The soap opera “Arabian Nights” (“One Thousand and One Nights”In its original language) is one of the most successful productions of recent years and is based on the book of the same name that tells the story of Sherazade Evliyaoglu, who to save his son Kaan asks his boss for a loan Onur Aksal, who agrees to give the money necessary for the surgery in exchange for a night together.

This production led to the fame of Bergüzar Korel increase and have your name recognized internationally. The actress, who recently became a mother for the third time, has a sister named Zeynep Korel who lives in the United States far from his family.

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Until recently the story of Zeynep Korel, sister of the actress Bergüzar Korel, was totally unknown, because, he has never been seen with his sister and protagonist of the soap opera “Arabian Nights”. Nor was the artist herself talking about her sister who left Turkey a few years ago. Therefore, here we tell you some information about Zeynep.

Among some things that have been made known regarding Zeynep Korel is that she is the older sister of Bergüzar Korel and that years ago he decided to settle in the United States.

Zeynep Korel, like Bergüzar is the daughter of Tanju Korel and Hülya Darcan. As one of her physical characteristics is beauty, just like her younger sister.

One of his great passions traveling is why he studied Tourism and Hotel Management at Boğaziçi University. But that was not all, because he also studied design in Texas. In the United States, he worked as a manager in several companies and as part of his business he sold handbags that he designed.


After getting married Zeynep Korel He decided to leave his country (Turkey) and settle in the United States.

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Now we know what were the reasons that forced the sister of Bergüzar Korel leave your native country. According to the mynet portal, she explained that her life was not going well and her family did not support her and that all this would not have happened if her father had been there.

After some family problems, she and her sister Bergüzar Korel were able to reconcile.

Zeynep Korel (Photo: Bergüzar Korel)


It was October 2019 when the actress Bergüzar Korel for the first time he spoke about his sister Zeynep Korel and how was his relationship with her after some family misunderstandings.

This was when the artist was pregnant with her second child and was walking with her husband. At that time, she decided to respond to the media regarding her sister’s decision to go far away (United States).

We respect the decisions of each of the members of our family”, He expressed.

Another point that caught the attention of the press men was when – according to Infobae – it transpired that Zeynep would have processed an inheritance certificate before the Istanbul court. Immediately afterwards, the journalists asked Bergüzar if he was sending money to which the actress replied that she had sent something, but to her niece.

Bergüzar Korel is married to Halit Ergenç and they have three children.
Bergüzar Korel is married to Halit Ergenç and they have three children.

It should be noted that it is part of the tradition of some families to send money to one of their members when they are not going through a good economic situation.

According to the same portal, this would have angered Zeynep who said that she has managed alone because she did not have the luck of her younger sister. It was for this reason that the relationship between the sisters was greatly affected; However, in a short time the sisters were able to talk by telephone and were able to clarify things, giving way to reconciliation.

I was very tired in the past, my heart was broken. But after a while, the person carries the longing for the family despite everything. When I spoke with Bergüzar, I felt better. The flesh was not separated from the nailZeynep said.


Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenc They met in 2006 and despite the fact that at that time they both had a partner, the feeling and attraction felt by these two actors was very great, so they decided to end the relationship they had – each one on their own – to be free people. and not harm anyone. So in 2009 they decided to join their lives forever and got married.


Their wedding was a televised event where it could be seen from the moment they said “Yes” to the party in a luxurious hotel in Istanbul (Turkey) attended by around 350 guests.

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