Zendaya in socks on the red carpet! The amazing reason behind her look


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Posted by Clémence T. on .

Credit: Instagram @zendaya

Unexpected but true, Zendaya arrived on the red carpet in socks and here is the reason for this very special choice.

Undoubtedly, Zendaya is one of the female stars to be followed in 2022 alongside Olivia Rodrigo, Elsa Bois or Camila Cabello. Spread the word, the young woman may be only 25 years old, she is today one of the most appreciated actresses in showbiz. On the career side, Zendaya has nothing to envy the biggest names and for good reason, she has a series of successes in the cinema as well as on our small screens. At the same time, the pretty brunette has an adorable romance with her Spider-Man co-star, Tom Holland. You will understand, the young woman has everything going for her.

You might not know it, but Zendaya is also a real eye-catcher with her looks. For many, the actress is a fashion icon and each of her outfits on the red carpet unleashes passions. Moreover, his presence at the grand premiere ofEuphoria season 2 has caused a lot of talk. The reason ? To complete her look, the young woman wore a simple pair of … socks! Exit the heels, her dress very close to the body could not be adjusted to her liking and shoes would therefore have been difficult to wear. Even funnier, zendaya herself published the famous video showing her walking flat, proof that she is full of self-mockery.

Zendaya’s look amused the web a lot

By discovering this sequence, Internet users obviously all laughed: “Zendaya really walked the red carpet in socks ???”, “Wait a minute Zendaya had socks instead of heels? Lol! If she hadn’t said it, I never would have noticed”, “Very pretty socks indeed “,” MDR Zendaya wearing socks on the Euphoria red carpet because her dress could not be altered “, “The way Zendaya wears socks on the red carpet is amazing. What a cool girl hahahah!” could we read on Twitter in particular. This is called a noticed arrival!

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