Zelenksy: “Russia sponsor of terrorism? Moscow proved it true by launching 67 missiles at civilians and infrastructure.”

“Today the European Parliament finally recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Thanks to all MPs. Then Russia proved it to be true launching 67 missiles against our infrastructure, our energy sector, against ordinary people“. Like this Volodymyr Zelensky comments in a video on social networks on the resolution approved today by the European Parliament which recognizes Moscow as a sponsor of terrorism. “The result of the attacks is tragic. A large number of wounded, there are also dead. As for electricity and water supply, all power engineers are working, rescuers are working. We will restore everything and we will face all this because we are indestructible people,” concluded the Ukrainian president.

The article Zelenksy: “Russia sponsor of terrorism? Moscow has demonstrated that this is true by launching 67 missiles against civilians and infrastructures” comes from Il Fatto Quotidiano.

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