Zeineb admitted: I am not married and I do not live with Stoyan

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14 November 2021, 18:00

Zeineb Madzhurova does not live with her husband – the millionaire Stoyan Balevski. The new BTV presenter herself revealed on TV that her husband is not in Bulgaria. Officially, the two are married together, but in practice they sleep in different bedrooms.Because obviously what’s on her heart is on her mouth, Zeineb revealed almost everything about her personal life with just two entries into the studio of the show “This Morning”, where she recently worked. The blonde has undertaken to stand in front of the cameras not only in her own column on Friday, but also in the first hour of the morning block, where general stories are told. It turns out that Gala’s girlfriend is so candid that only if they give her a reason, she is ready to reveal the biggest details about herself.With her first entry into the studio, she made it clear that her husband is not in Bulgaria. “My husband is abroad, “Zeineb announced with a wide smile on his face. It is known that Balevsky spent most of his time in England for years, where Zeineb often visited him before giving birth to a daughter. There was a time when it was even rumored that she planned to give up her television career in order to live with him on the Island. However, this did not happen. After their daughter was born, the couple was expected to finally reunite permanently under one roof – if not in Bulgaria, then in England or elsewhere in the world. But apparently this did not happen, since even now, when the mother has already left for work and is not able to be with the child all the time, the father has continued the practice of his long absences from home. And it is known that Zeineb wants to raise her girl alone – without the help of a babysitter.The other curious detail about her life, which the presenter revealed, is that despite the rumors that she is married, she is not married to the father of her child. This became clear in the second live, in which Zeineb took part. She openly said that she was rumored to be married because she often wore rings. Journalists thought they were engagement rings and wedding rings. However, they were the most common jewelry. For some obscure and difficult-to-explain reason, as she explained all this, the blonde grinned again. It should be clear from her smile that she is happy that she is neither married nor even engaged to the man to whom she gave birth.Married or not, Zeineb apparently even enjoys the support of her wealthy spouse. It is rumored on BTV that she is currently the best dressed TV presenter without using the office wardrobe. All the regular employees sank to the ground in shame when they saw her walking around her expensive clothes, bought with Balevski’s money, and compared them to their own. The star refused to use the TV wardrobe even when she appeared on the air. She wore clothes from her own closet, explaining that they were far more luxurious. When she first appeared on the air, for example, she was dressed in a pink lace dress, with which she was photographed on her birthday in February.


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