Zé Neto’s wife explains the singer’s health after news of a worsening condition

This Monday (14), news circulated that Zé Neto, from the duo with Cristiano, had been hospitalized after a worsening in his Covid-19 condition. After the singer’s team commented on the matter, Natália Toscano, sertanejo woman, went to social media to talk about her husband’s health status.

According to Natália, Zé Neto is, yes, with Covid again, but he continues to recover from the disease at home. Entering a hospital this morning was for some tests.

“I want to say, even to calm your hearts, that he was, yes, at the hospital this morning, but he went to perform some tests that he had not done. Everything is right to see how he is, the degree he is, take the right medication, do the right treatment”, explained Natália.

“So, he’s already at home, he has good saturation, good pressure, quiet. He has to rest, drink a lot of water, so he’s fine. He really went to the hospital, but he’s not hospitalized”, he concluded.

Zé Neto has had some health problems in recent months


In December of last year, Zé Neto canceled a series of shows after detecting the presence of a fungus caused by the use of corticoids, used in a treatment to cure foci of ground glass in the lungs. According to the artist’s team, the problem may have been caused by Covid-19, which he contracted in June 2020, and also by the use of electronic cigarettes.

In June of this year, the singer left the stage again, but this time, to treat fractures in the rib. “They broke three ribs, in a way that could pierce my lung if I didn’t stay still”, said Zé Neto, in an interview with columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles

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