Zé Neto sends a message to his followers after being admitted to the hospital. Check out!

Zé Neto tested positive again for Covid-19. Soon after positive, theertanejo was admitted to a hospital to assess how the disease was progressing. On Monday (14), news circulated that the sertanejo had been hospitalized, something that was denied by his wife Zé Neto, Natália Toscano.

This Tuesday (15), it was the singer’s turn to deny the news of hospitalization and explain what he was doing at the hospital. “Thank God, I’m slowly recovering. I went to the hospital, yes, but to do some tests to see how my condition was”, said Zé Neto in Stories.

Zé Neto he also explained that he had low saturation, but that the problem was resolved with the medical team. “Done the tests, as I was saturating a little low, they made some medications, measured, the saturation went up and released me to come home, so everything is fine. Soon we’ll be back to sing and bring joy to the people”, finished.

Zé Neto has faced illness in recent months

Zé Neto canceled a series of shows after detecting the presence of a fungus caused by the use of corticoids, used in a treatment to cure foci of ground glass in the lungs. The incident took place in December of last year. According to the artist’s team, the problem may have been caused by Covid-19, which he contracted in June 2020, added to the use of electronic cigarettes.

In June of this year, Zé Neto left the stage again, but this time to treat fractures in his rib.

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