Zé Neto mocks controversy with Anitta and the singer’s father exposes the old countryman’s annoyance: ‘It gave an attack’

Another chapter for the Zé Neto controversy. After mocking singers with “intimate tattoos” and having the speech attributed to Anitta, the internet began to expose several polemics of Zé Neto. With the repercussion, the singer spoke about the case.

In a tone of irony, Zé Neto wrote: “I didn’t mention anyone’s name, but the engagement is top. Put the stick. Sorry for not answering everyone, it’s just that I have 23 shoes this month (most sold out). So, I’m going to rest here. Kisses everyone,” said the singer, who recently suffered from oral thrush.

Anitta, who on Friday (13) spoke and sang in a Billboard global music eventhas not yet commented on the case.

Anitta’s father comes out in defense of his daughter

In a comment on a celebrity news profile on Instagram, Painitto, father of singer Anitta, said that the The countryman’s involvement with the singer is old.

“These closeted ones suck. Envy sucks. This shit* always had a one-sided problem with her. At Festeja she had a tantrum because she opened a show that was a countryman. Later, in a country town, put their bus blocking the exit of our production and vans,” he wrote.

Controversy divides the opinion of celebrities

Some celebrities came out in defense of those involved in the controversy. Gkay, for example, did not name names, but wrote on Twitter: “It barks louder than where ANITTA is, she doesn’t listen more”, referring to the singer’s international career.

Latino came out in defense of Zé Neto. “Congratulations. You said it all. I’ve become even more of a fan.”

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