Zé Neto leaves the stage for the 3rd time due to health problems. Know details

20 days after stepping away from the stages due to rib fractures, Zé Neto had to miss the duo’s concerts with Cristiano again due to a health problem. The information was confirmed by the press office of the sertanejos.

Zé Neto presented a coughing condition, which impaired the treatment of the vertebrae., according to a note issued by the duo’s team. This time, the shows will not be canceled and, as has happened with Simone and Simaria, Cristiano will take on the next performances alone. The first voice will return to the stage once he has medical clearance.

Zé Neto was back to the show routine for less than a week. As part of the “difficulties of the last few months”, as the statement describes, Cristiano also had a health problem and was affected by Covid-19 this month.



Cristiano has already taken on the mission of playing the duo’s shows alone. The first performance without the partner took place this Tuesday (21), in Pará. The singer published a long outburst on social media and thanked the empathy of the public who welcomed him.

“I know my vocal limitations, I know the tones I can reach and I know that the characteristic voice of the duo is Zé’s, because after all, for me, he has the most beautiful and tuned voice I’ve ever heard in person. It’s a tough mission for me to do this weekend’s tour without him, but I’m going to take the stage and do my best.. I felt like the best person in the world, not because I was there singing alone, but because I received affection, respect and empathy from an audience that I will forever carry in my heart”, said Cristiano.

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