ZDF starts Dystopia series: all three sci-fi films in advance in the stream

Until November 29th, ZDF asks itself the question in the Dystopia series: What if …? A total of three films show a dark but exciting future.

“Three feature films about the near future” – this is how ZDF describes its new series Dystopia. Since November 16, 2021, at midnight between Monday and Tuesday, TV audiences have had the chance to indulge in a fiction that could soon become reality.

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“To be born of disadvantage”

© ZDF and Panamafilm Timm Kröger

“Born of disadvantage” did not start in German cinemas until July 1 of this year, and the sci-fi film celebrated its free TV premiere on ZDF on November 16 at 12:05 am. The title penned and directed by Sandra Wollner takes the audience into a future in which people are no longer dependent on the affection and love of others, but replace them with robots.

Elli (Lena Watson) is one such robot. In the form of a girl, she spends the summer with Georg (Dominik Warta), whom she calls dad and is supposed to make happy. This is obviously easy for the machine, because Georg is at least feeding it with information and memories. But her time as Elli will soon end, because a new identity is already waiting to be fed …

You can still watch the film in the ZDF media library until December 7, 2021 – but only from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., because “Born of the disadvantage” received the FSK 16 age rating. Stream Fi-Thriller anytime.


© ZDF and Mario Sixtus

“Bad people are always fine” is a saying that will probably no longer exist in the feature film “Hyperland” – right? In Mario Sixtus’ sci-fi thriller, a carm count now decides whether a person is socially recognized or not – and ultimately decides on work, place of residence and friends. Those who generate a lot of likes rise, whoever gets a shit storm will quickly find themselves with the Zeros. This is what happens to Cee (Lorna Ishema), whose existence crashes into a catastrophe. But is it really her own fault?

“Hyperland” will run as the second part of the Dystopia series on November 23, 2021 from midnight on ZDF. Alternatively, you can stream the film in advance in the ZDF media library or catch up on the future scenario until February 5, 2022.


© ZDF and Rafael Starman

Germany is to be radically rejuvenated in the middle of the 21st century. While couples are actively supported in family planning by the Bündnis Jungbrunnen Deutschland (BJD), the generation 60+ is confronted with pension cuts and a lack of social benefits. As the final step, the broken country introduces the end of the age – compulsory mortality at 80. Milo (Peter Meinhardt) is also shortly before the age of 80 and asks his son Karl (Matthias Lier) to flee with him. As an employee of the BJD, Karl has to get involved in a dangerous game in order to fulfill his father’s possibly last wish …

The generational drama “Endjahrig” marks the end of the Dystopia series on ZDF on November 30th from midnight. The film is already available on demand in the ZDF media library. If you don’t have time, you can still enjoy the dark future vision until May 6, 2022.

You can prove how well you know your way around science fiction in this quiz:

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