Žbirkova († 69) last trip: Černocká said goodbye outside!

Petra then admitted that together with the crowds of fans, which numbered at least 500, she froze a lot. The queue for the condolence book was also long. “It simply came to our notice then. We only met occasionally before the performances, but my husband Jirka Pracný once with Meky played the guitar. He still remembers it, it was said to be a great experience. “ betrayed Peter. Žbirk was said to have played better than members of the legendary Beatles. Jaroslav Svěcený (60) he was allowed to come in and went out after the ceremony with sad eyes.

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“We’ve known Meky since 1988,” he remembered. In 2017, the violinist participated in his Symphonic Tour. “We had a lot of plans, the last time we played together this summer, and unfortunately I’ve already seen that Mekyma isn’t feeling well,” admitted sadly. Žbirka took him to his show Doupě two years ago, when the virtuoso was dealing with divorce and illness and spent three months in hospital with a serious collapse. At the beginning of November, Jaroslav finally had a concert translated to the 60th due to the covidid, and there he had to regret his friend, even though he was showing it on posters. Only 4 days later, the singer and musician succumbed to severe pneumonia.

Funeral of Meky Žbirka: Full record


Juraj Čurný (55) was the first music publicist to speak over the coffin. “At first it was impossible to believe that Mecca, our Mecca, had died. From the moment it was confirmed, my cell phone did not stop for several hours, “he said.


“Mecca was a decent man,” said Jan Vedral, the second speaker in the series, a biographical book about Žbirek, Close Up. “He really dedicated his life to music and subordinated his life,” he described. The musician revealed that Žbirka sometimes got so involved in music that he practically didn’t eat for several days.


Singer Dalibor Janda literally arrived at the crematorium with a cross after the funus (68). The ceremony began at two o’clock and lasted 35 minutes. And he arrived at 3:03 p.m.

There will be no state funeral of Žbirka ?! And Rosák’s wife has covid after the 3rd vaccination!

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