Zazie: her arrival on the set of the "star Academy" ? A complete fiasco!

It was a great set this Saturday, November 12 on TF1… A tribute program dedicated to Grégory Lemarchal who died of cystic fibrosis fifteen years ago… at only 23 years old. And the favorite songs of this great winner of season 4 have been widely taken up, in choir or solo, by the students of the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. For the occasion, there were also distinguished guests such as Patrick Fiori, Kendji Girac, M. Pokora, Tayc, Feu! Chatterton, Dadju, Amel Bent and also… Zazie. And it was the latter who opened the dance of duets by performing her title “I am a man” in the company of Louis. Against the backdrop of a very special choreography by Yanis Marshall who said he was a big fan of the singer. But from the start… “hiccups” appeared!

I felt like they were both singing out of tune”

Sound issues first then blatantly narrowly surfaced live on set. It was enough for Twitter to go wild immediately: “Disappointing performance from Louis on Zazie’s tube. It was a bit wrong and the microphone problems didn’t help… On the other hand, very nice painting by @yanismarshall”, “Zazie sang too badly in #StarAcademy and Louis also there is a microphone problem”, “ I’m pissing off sorry. I didn’t like Louis and Zazie’s performance at all. I felt like they were both singing out of tune. Especially when they went up in the treble. #Star Academy”, we were able to read in particular on the social network. As soon as the performance was over, Zazie wanted to provide some explanations: “At first Louis was scared. I purposely did a little anything and made a mistake. I must say that he is very professional, because what happened during the performance? He lost the base of the microphone and despite everything he continued“, she argues to support the candidate. And Nikos Aliagas to agree with his arguments. A performance that was not unanimous therefore, unlike the superb duet that Louis had proposed last week with the singer Apple. The bonuses follow one another and are definitely not alike!

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