Zanzibar, the Italian entrepreneur Francesca Scalfari is back free: she was arrested with her husband. Money laundering charges fall

The Italian will be able to leave prison on bail Francesca Scalfarioriginally from Milan, and her husband Simon Woodthe couple of hotel entrepreneurs in prison a Zanzibar since last June 6 following a complaint from their former partners. The High Court of the archipelago of the Tanzania dropped the three charges of money laundry which prevented release from prison. The public prosecution has appealed, but the release from prison could take place in the next few hours, based on the timing for the payment of the money as a guarantee. The announcement of the release was spread on the Facebook page created by friends and family of the couple, who in recent days had expressed concern about the difficult conditions where husband and wife were in prison cells.

“After three tormented days of constant postponements and the return to prison, not knowing if they would ever get out, our hearts are full of joy because they will finally be able to reunite, go home and talk to their families, especially with Luca (the couple’s 11-year-old son returned alone to Italy after his arrest, ed) whenever they want. In the meantime we give them time to recover, process what happened and enjoy some peace and privacy together. Thank you for your support, prayers, good wishes and messages ”, reads the post. “Free! Free! Free! The judge expressed himself with a “strike out” for the 3 counts of money laundering! I’m exhausted but never how happy, happy euphoric at this moment! “, Francesca’s brother also exults, Marco Scalfariposting a photo of himself with his sister and brother-in-law.

The investigation that led to the trial had started with one complaint made by two former Italian shareholders of the couple, damaged by an operation they conducted on majority shares of a hotel. In a civil case that ended in March, a Tanzanian court had returned the shares to the former shareholders, who, however, from the outset pointed out that their complaint it did not contain the charges which then led to the arrest of Scalfari and Wood (and in particular the money laundering). On the “Support for Francesca and Simon” page we read that the two “spent many days in one concrete cell, separated from each other and from their only son, who fortunately managed to leave (alone) at 11 to join his grandparents in Italy. They have shaved hair Simon’s and they put him in a cell with 200 people. Visits to the prison have been prohibited ”.


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