Zagorova still in pain: Words of the approaching end

Zagorová has experienced a literally turbulent year. Postcovide syndrome has become more and more complicated. They graduated from broken vertebrae. “I broke three, I have stupid osteoporosis, then another one over it, so it was so in stages. (…) I’m still in the corset. It’s better, but it’s still not that. “ admitted in an interview with CNN Prima News.

Hana Zagorová openly: Another disease is taking its toll!

The favorite singer had no choice but to announce another shift in all activities. “I canceled everything and said in a press release that when I feel good and give the kind of performance I’m used to giving and people accept, I’ll be there, but it’s not up and running yet.” she also explained.

Hanka is mainly prescribed rest, but she is still preparing something. “I will not cover it. I lie in bed a lot, which I have to, but I’ve already started preparing the record. I’m really looking forward to it. I already have seven songs. Some are very beautiful, “she revealed.

Hanka Zagorová turned out over time: He sent a message to the creators of his musical!

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