Yves books a holiday in Spain on TUI for €27: he receives an email 45 minutes later, “I would have gotten stuck in Zaventem”

Surfing the TUI website, Yves found himself faced with an offer he couldn’t refuse: going to Spain for two weeks with his partner, all for €27, breakfast and baggage allowance included. Even though he thought it was a typo in the amount, the Belgian didn’t hesitate and booked his future vacation.

Less than an hour later, he was quickly disillusioned, as HLN relates. He has indeed received an email announcing that his trip has been canceled. Yves wanted to know more and contacted TUI customer service. He was then told that it was indeed a human error and that no, “the trip for two with breakfast and hotel did not go from 2.541 euros to 27 euros”.

He deplores the situation with our Flemish colleagues: “Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I knew that it was not possible, but according to the website, there was still a room available. Now that the coronavirus crisis is over, you never know what kind of crazy promotions hotels will come up with. Furthermore, I was not informed of this by telephone, but simply by e-mail. As far as I know, this e-mail could have passed me by and I would have been stuck in Zaventem in June. It’s a shame that as a consumer there’s no argument to make.”

A TUI spokesperson said, “It rarely happens, but something can always go wrong when employees upload travel dates to the website.” He adds: “However, when the discount is abnormally high, it is usually noticed quite quickly, as in the case of Yves”.

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