You’ve been doing it wrong all your life: the correct way to strain pasta

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Surely, the one who is reading this note has made noodles at some time in his life or is curious about how it is prepared. There are some basic steps like home made recepies on the Internet, but not all of them tell you the correct way to strain the pasta. That is why from Mag we tell you how you should do it from now on.

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It may seem very simple to prepare the pasta, since you only have to heat plenty of water, then add a little oil and a pinch of salt. Later, add the pasta when it starts to boil and wait for it to cook.

In general, cooking can take between 10 to 12 minutes, depending on the type of pasta. What is the final step? Strain the noodles. The latter, oddly enough, the vast majority of people do it wrong because they do not have much knowledge about it.

How not to strain the pasta

It is known that almost everyone usually puts the colander under the pot and in this way they drain the pasta. This because they think it’s okay because they saw their grandmothers or perhaps homemade recipes on the Internet; however, this is a very common mistake.

The correct way to strain pasta

A young man, whose TikTok user is @keltonflindersrevealed the correct way to strain pasta.

  • Make sure the strainer is the same size as the towel
  • Next, put the strainer over the pot and not under it.
  • The last step is to pour the water over the sink

A TikTok user revealed the correct way to strain pasta. | PHOTO: @keltonflinders

In this way it will be possible to avoid splashing and incidentally not lose any noodles on the way. As seen in the image above, that is the correct one in which the pasta should be strained.

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