Youtuber Hannah Kaiser’s baby was only a few days old

Sad news from the internet world. Two months ago, it suddenly went quiet on the YouTuber’s social media channels Hannah Kaiser. The Hamburg native is known on the Internet under the name “Klein aber Hannah”. There she has over 300,000 followers, whom she provided with sweet snapshots of her pregnancy a few months ago. Now she’s back with shocking news: Hannah’s baby was only a few days old.

“Two months ago, our daughter was born in our absolute dream birth in a completely natural way, shortly before the deadline,” writes the 32-year-old under an emotional video post Instagram. She and her partner would have spent a few wonderful days with their offspring after the birth. “Then, quite unexpectedly, her heart just stopped beating”, she continues to share. The parents are now on their way to fight their way back to life.

“In the next few weeks, content will also be deliberately added where you can see me dancing or maybe laughing.”, writes the influencer. So she wants to at least bring some lightness to her everyday life online. Hannah also says that friends and family support her and her husband as best they can.

Instagram / kleinaberhannah

Hannah Kaiser in November 2022

Instagram / kleinaberhannah

Partner and Hannah Kaiser in February 2022

Instagram / kleinaberhannah

Hannah Kaiser in December 2022

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