Youtuber Franchino Er Criminale against food bloggers: “Toxic system of hustlers, a slap to misery”. Then we find the rifled car

“Food Porn it is a toxic culture. A slap in the face of misery, enormous quantities of food thrown there, at random”. To speak so a Republic Rome is Franchino Er Criminale, Roman youtuber with 205,000 subscribers on his channel. His ‘mission’? To defend, according to him, the culture of quality street food and to do so freely, without having to be accountable to anyone. He clearly explained it in a video posted on Instagram last November 19: “First, it’s not a format in which we necessarily go bad-mouthing places. Second, we will give our opinion and objectively judge what it is. Third, I will never mention the name of the food blogger on duty who marketed this or that place. I want to disassemble the marchett systemand,” he begins in the video. Then here he is biting into a kebab with a girl. The grades are lukewarm: 6, 5 and the ruthless judgments: “The pistachio cream of this sandwich looks like earth. They put in a bunch of ingredients that don’t make any sense with each othero and throw them into things. Games are over, foodporn is not cooking,” she says Alexander Bologna (this is his real name), 44 years old, in the video in which he lashes out against Food Porn, or rather that very popular phenomenon on social networks in which huge dishes are exhibited with giant quantities of food shown thanks to photos and videos that make them seem even more exaggerated and aesthetically inviting. For this Franchino has decided to target him, not without unpleasant consequences: “The morning after the release of the video, under the house I found a deep line on the side of the car, a humble Pandino who has been parking on the same street for years. The Tufello (district of Rome, ed) is a town, we all know each other. A coincidence?”, declared he, who was previously a boxing coach. And he added: “They have raised the bar, now I answer. In the next videos I will candidly name the Instagram pages or YouTube channels that sponsor posts. I will go to everyone and continue to taste the promoted products and judge them. I have no family, I have nothing to lose.”

He later explained the genesis and evolution of the videos he publishes on social media, aimed at “defending our centennial tradition”: “I’m going to try the Food Porn places sponsored by this lobby for myself. In the first episode I was with Giulia Crossbow, we had two sandwiches and they were a jumble of flavours, sauces, mediocre ingredients. What you see in the Instagram photos of the various foodpornists is misleading advertising, does not correspond in the most absolute way to reality. Drama happened from this first video, they started writing me and making stories attacking me. [..] TOwill continue, I will continue to say what I think and to be on the side of good restaurants and the consumer”. Finally Franchino Er Criminale concluded: “In this battle of mine, I put my face to it, I want Italian cuisine not to be destroyed, that this rubbish full of creams and burrata and sauces does not become mainstream. That we begin to give space to the sponsorship of valid positions”. “There is little to play with yours truly, you are losing on all fronts: public opinion, credibility. Despite this, you continue and then I continue too. Today I’m going to Switzerland, I’m busy. But don’t worry because we’re already having fun tonight. Obviously the newspapers are also starting to make inquiries [..] You go on chatting instead of paying the price, this is an indication of your lack of intelligence. Because it’s proven, I’m making you a bu**o di cu*o like this!”, he wanted to add in the morning of today 23 November on Instagram, where he is followed by 93.7 thousand people. And it’s a safe bet that he won’t end there.

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