‘Youtuber’ assures that ceviche is Chilean and young people correct it: “Search on Google”

If we make a list of the representative drinks and the typical dishes of the gastronomy of Peru, it is likely that ceviche and pisco sour are part of the list, right? Both are pride inside and outside the country. However, the origin of both is an endless battle, as some Chileans claim that they were the first to prepare them.

Although it may not seem like it, this dispute generates discomfort and heated debates in any corner of the social media. This was demonstrated by a viral video posted by the ‘influencer’ Poly Rony ()who usually conducts interviews with the national and foreign public in the streets.

This time, the content creator spoke in a park in Lima with a group of three girls: two Peruvians and one Mexican. Besides speaking in English, he pretended to be clear that both the ceviche and the pisco were Chilean. “What do you think about Chilean ceviche?”I ask.

Watch the viral video here

To begin with, Poly decided to put the microphone on the Mexican. Immediately, the young woman replied that she liked the dish. But, when asking the same question to the others, the two women realized the mistake and corrected it quickly: “He’s from here (Peru).”

The issue did not end there, because one of them even invited the also ‘tiktoker’ to look for information on Google to avoid making mistakes in upcoming interviews, which sparked laughter from everyone.

hilarious reactions

After posting the epic moment, the comments were not lacking and the clip racked up thousands of views. “Ceviche is Peruvian, it hurts whoever it hurts”indicated a user. “The most patriotic clearly”another pointed out.

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