YouTube hides “dislikes” and generates CONTROVERSY; ‘Spider-Man 3’ was one of the victims!

currently with 2.29 billion of users, the YouTube is the second most used platform in the world, second only to the Facebook (2.85 billion).

Over the course of its updates, the video upload platform has introduced several tools, such as media literacy, which empower users to avoid fake news.

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Still, its most popular features are the buttons. likes e dislikes, which help to promote or demote the displayed content.

However, a new update ended up hiding the count of dislikes of the platform. The preview numbers can still be seen by content creators, but not by users.

According to Digital Trends, the justification published on the official blog of YouTube says the idea’s goal is to reduce harassment to content creators, regardless of their reach.

The initiative had been tested since the beginning of the year, when YouTube conducted an experiment that became effective in proving that the number of negative comments also decreased after the absence of the count of dislikes.

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Anyway, you can still click on the button dislike, only the display numbers will remain hidden.

In this way, the button serves more as a content analysis for the creators themselves, rather than a means of propagating the cyberbullying.

On the other hand, many users were unhappy with the change…

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Considering that approximately 720,000 hours of content are loaded on the site every day, the button dislike helped to distinguish between what’s worth watching and what’s not.

Including, the co-founder of the YouTube, Jawed Karim, criticized the decision in the description of the platform’s first video, stating that:

“There isn’t a single YouTube creator who thinks removing dislikes is a good idea – for YouTube or for the creators… We hope the company will step back or at least bring some balance to these changes.”

What do you think of the change?

To get an idea of ​​how the tool was misused, fans were annoyed by the delay of the second trailer for ‘Spider-Man: No Return Home‘ and bombarded the Sony channel with dislikes in trailers from other productions.

In just two days, a commemorative preview of ‘The Man in Darkness 2‘ had more than 09 mil dislikes against only 900 likes.

already the teasers dedicated to the characters of ‘Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City‘ add up more than 21 mil dislikes against 9 thousand likes in total.

In addition, all videos published by the studio receive comments like “We don’t care, we want the trailer for ‘Spider-Man: No Return Home’.

Other comments still reinforce:

“Let’s show Sony that fans are the boss.”

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