“Your mail caught my full attention”: Wallonia responds to its appeal for a TV fee… five years later!

Radio and television royalties… We thought we were done with it, but no! Four years after the abolition of this tax, Wallonia is still busy settling certain files, in particular administrative dispute files. Files which, for some, have had plenty of time to gather dust!

This is the case of that of Thierry (assumed name). This resident of Walloon Brabant was surprised to receive a letter from the FPS Taxation last April. A letter following an administrative appeal that he had sent… in January 2017!

►► If he prefers to laugh at it, he is still surprised to the administrative slowness of the Walloon public service.

►► A slowness all the more laughable as the 2022 letter begins with this sentence…

►► SPW’s response.

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