your ex? "marriage at first sight"-Natascha knows Markus

What a coincidence! At Marriage at First Sight this year, twelve candidates stepped in front of the altar to say yes to a person who had been a stranger until then. For the first time, all participants come together for the grand finale. When Markus showed up, who had married Jana as part of the show, Natascha, who took Dennis to her husband, seemed flabbergasted: The two already know each other! Was there even more going on between them?

In the current episode, all TV wives sit together to review their time on “Wedding at First Sight”. as Mark‘ Film is shown, amazed Natasha not bad. “The problem is, I know him. He lives a village away. I also know him through my best friend. That was just really weird.”, admitted the woman from Eschweiler. Apparently she doesn’t have a close relationship with him. “It’s not my ex-boyfriend. It’s from the sister of my then boss’s half-son, something like that,” the 30-year-old clarified.

Also Mark seemed surprised at first, but seemed to take the whole thing a little more calmly than his acquaintance. The part-time caretaker laughed heartily and then explained: “I think that’s blatant. That’s how you realize how small the world really is.”

“Marriage at First Sight” – eight episodes from October 3, 2022 every Monday at 8:15 p.m. on SAT.1 and on Joyn.

Natascha, “Marriage at First Sight” candidate 2022

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Dennis, Natascha and “marriage at first sight” expert Dr. Sandra Koehldorfer

“Marriage at first sight”, Sat.1

Markus and Jana at their “marriage at first sight”

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