Your dream vacation to Disneyland was ruined by last-minute flight cancellation

Imagine working in extreme conditions in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, saving for years, only to have your dream vacation ruined in the end. The same thing happened to a Welsh family, who invested a large sum of money and had their flight canceled at the last minute. Their history turned viral.

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According to Daily Post, Kelly Matthews, an intensive care nurse, saved for two years to take a well-deserved vacation with her son, Noah (9), and his mother, Mandy. What was the destination? Paris. The objective was to know Disneyland.

It should be mentioned that the trip had already been rescheduled previously due to the restrictions in that country due to the pandemic, which is why the illusion was great for her son and, also, because she wanted to repay him in some way for all her mother’s support.

What happened in the end? His flight was canceled at the last minute due to the airline’s decision. easy jet. The family, literally, was dressed from ‘head to toe’ in Disney clothes and things, and this caused the mother’s discomfort.

“I checked the flight information on the app before I left for Bristol Airport,” said Kelly, from Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire, who assured that the cancellation of the flight occurred from the route from Wales to Bristol.

The mother added that they tried to take another flight, but they were all full. They also looked for another airline to get to Paris, but it was not possible. Her mistake, as she calls it, was not checking the application hours before the trip.

the worst was yet to come

Since Disneyland they informed you that they will not refund the tickets you purchased because you did not cancel or reschedule 72 hours in advance. The same thing happened with the hotel they booked (from May 26 to 29) in Paris, as they believe that he did not keep his word.

“The worst thing is that nobody takes responsibility for it and easyJet did not help at all. Even if they refund my flight, I want the vacation I worked so hard for and they took away from me.” he specified, so he informs WalesOnline.

Consolation prize

Kelly and her family were able to enjoy a “holiday” of sorts at a popular Bluestone resort in Pembrokeshire. While she doesn’t have the magic or touristy sights of Paris, they had a great time for a few days.

Kelly and her family managed to enjoy a little vacation at a resort in Bluestone. | PHOTO: Kelly Matthews

As of the date of publication, EasyJet has not yet responded to the passenger’s claim that the flight was canceled for no reason. The story of the Welsh family has gone viral on different social networks.

How long does it take to visit Disneyland Paris?

Ideally, we recommend three full days. Two days for Disneyland Park and its five magical theme lands, and one day for Walt Disney Studios Park and its four action-packed zones, according to the official website of disneyland.

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