Young Sheldon solves the show’s biggest mystery

Young Sheldon, the family comedy series that serves as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, is airing its sixth season. The series must come to an end in the next season, so as to engage with its original production.

While there’s a lot to happen during Season 6, Young Sheldon ended up solving the show’s biggest mystery, which wasn’t resolved in Season 5.

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“Sheldon Cooper is 9 years old and skips four courses to enter the institute directly, along with his older brother, but less intelligent than him. High school life won’t be easy: His peers, his parents and his neighbors don’t understand him,” reads the synopsis.

The cast of the series includes Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Annie Potts, Montana Jordan, Raegan Revord, and others.

What happened to Professor Sturgis on The Big Bang Theory?

Professor John Sturgis never appeared on The Big Bang Theory, and was not even mentioned once in the original series.

Even though he played a part in shaping Sheldon’s Texas childhood, it remains unclear what happened to him after Young Sheldon.

As he was an elderly person, unless he was sick, it is likely that he was still close to Sheldon when the genius won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

It’s also curious why Sheldon never visited Sturgis when he was in Texas, to show more of the character’s background.

Professor Sturgis left East Texas Tech shortly before Sheldon started college at Young Sheldon, cutting off contact with the young man.

If Sturgis had stayed in Waxahachie, Texas, that would have explained why Sheldon didn’t thank him in his speech at the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Since the two ended up reconnecting in the sixth season, this leaves an inconsistency for the end of The Big Bang Theory, precisely in Sheldon’s speech.

Even though the two haven’t spoken for years, it’s unlikely that Sheldon forgot about Sturgis as time went on.

Young Sheldon is available on HBO Max🇧🇷

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