‘Young Rock’: Series Based on the Life of Dwayne Johnson Renewed for Season 3

THE NBC officially renewed the comedy ‘Young Rock‘, a biographical series about the life of Dwayne Johnsonfor the 3rd season.

Despite maintaining a low average audience of 2 million viewers, the comedy has one of the biggest demographics on the network – second only to the sitcom ‘American Auto‘ (which has also since been renewed).

It is worth remembering that the channel also renewed the comedy ‘grand crew‘ despite having canceled ‘Kenan‘, ‘Mr. mayor‘ and ‘The Endgame‘.

The series was created by Jeff Chiang and Nahnatchka Khan (‘Fresh Off the Boat’).

The plot revolves around different chapters of Dwayne Johnson’s life. From growing up in a strong and resilient family to being surrounded by the wild characters of his professional wrestling community, to playing football at the University of Miami, the series will explore the crazy roller coaster that made Dwayne the man he is today, featuring still the great characters he met along the way.

Dwayne Johnson star production. The cast also has Joseph Lee Anderson, Stacey Leilua, Ana Tuisila, Adrian Groulx, Bradley Constant and Uli Latukefu.

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