Young man with autism found a job and shared his joy on TikTok: “I’m excited to be able to save”

Beautiful () is a woman with autism who often uses the platform TikTok to publish your day to day. This time, the young woman got her first job and shared her excitement. Quickly the emotional video was made viral and swept the social networks.

“I am very excited”

According to the protagonist, she “I had been suffering a long time”because he couldn’t find a job. However, the 22-year-old did not give up and perseverance paid off.

“I finally found a job and it’s in a flower shop. It moves me a lot because I like flowers”, he started saying. She also acknowledged that she is excited about this new adventure, since now she will be able to save and buy my favorite interests, my special interests.”

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Following that line, Bella explained that she would bring her own “safe food” to the workplace: “I like healthy, fresh, crunchy and spicy foods.” The thing does not end there, because he mentioned that from January of next year he will start school.

“I like school, I like doing homework and it’s online, so I don’t have to socialize with people,” express. Before closing her story, the girl assured that she feels “very privileged”because “only 30 percent of autistic people have a job”.

Positive comments

As for the reactions, Bella’s clip did not go unnoticed in the cyber world and reached 3.4 million views, even more than one user congratulated her on her new job. “My brother has autism and he will also go to work soon and he was nervous but by watching your video I will show him”wrote a netizen.

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