Young man sang in the street, they told him he “has no talent” and broke down in tears

Street artists manage to get ahead and thus earn their daily bread. However, these people are facing different problems and Mia Kirkland () is no exception. The teenager was playing in the center of the city of York (England) and she had an unpleasant experience. Everything was recorded in a viral video.

Two hours after his last performanceMia was preparing to sing “Million Reasons” of Lady Gaga and delight the public. The situation was normal until an elderly man approached and questioned his talent.

“Some people have it…you don’t”

According to the young woman, the subject “he was trying to mumble so other people couldn’t hear him, but he said ‘some people have it and you don’t’”. Faced with this comment, the 18-year-old woman decided to walk away, but “he said he knew what he was talking about because he had worked with Diana Ross and (started) naming other artists.”

Despite Mia’s reaction, the individual continued and “Then as soon as my mother stood up and walked over, she left. So the only reason she did it was because she thought she was lonely.”.

“My day was ruined”

As reported , Mia couldn’t take the criticism and burst into tears: “I told my mother, ‘My day is ruined now. I don’t want to move on’”.

However, the artist regained her composure and returned to the ‘stage’. I’m a pretty shy person And I had to learn not to be. If someone had told me that before, I probably would have said, ‘Oh, okay, I’ll stop then.’” Kirkland explained.

Support in social networks

Mia Kirkland posted the awkward moment on her Twitter account. TikTok and the shows of support were not lacking. Most lashed out at the lord. “She does sing very well and what the man said is unnecessary”wrote a netizen. While another netizen maintained: “Criticism is one thing, but literally destroying someone’s trust in public is very wrong. It already takes a lot of courage to be there.”.

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