Young man plays music in the middle of the forest for wild deer and this has an unexpected reaction

Music stirs up all kinds of emotions and can elevate moods. This is demonstrated by a video viral from Instagram which is stealing the hearts of thousands of users on social networks. In the middle of a forest in Denmark, a young artist decided to give an ‘intimate concert’ to two wild deer. What happened? Coming up next, we tell you.

Through the Internet, the Spanish artist called Diana shared a recording where he appears playing the musical instrument called cello. Seconds later, the woman turns her gaze and sees two deer approaching her.

The unexpected reaction of wild deer

Faced with this situation, Diana continues with her ‘recital’ and, surprisingly, the animals, instead of being scared and escaping, stopped and listened to the presentation attentively. “Playing Bach for these two deer”, the young woman wrote in the caption of her publication.

Impact of video on social networks

After the clip is published on digital platforms such as YouTube e Instagram, the recording continues to accumulate reactions in all corners of the Internet. In addition, netizens were simply delighted and highlighted Diana’s performance.

“This is incredible, the music, the deer, the scenery led me to a happy place. Thanks”; “Nature agrees with your music”; “It’s such a beautiful sound”; “This is amazing Diana!”; were some of the emotional comments.

What is the habitat of the deer?

“Deer are native to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and North Africa. The man took him to Australia, New Zealand and other regions. Deer live in diverse habitats such as forests, swamps, deserts, and tundras. “, as detailed .

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