Young man passes drinks at a beer festival and mistakes a streetlight for a UFO

A young woman from the United States, whose name is Maddi Studer, has made an impact on the social networks after counting on TikTok who passed out drinking at a beer festival and mistook a streetlight for a UFO. Yes, just like you just read.

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It turns out that the girl in this story) was having such a good time in that place that he dared to turn on his camera to record a video of the pleasant moment. Just as he focused on the fireworks, something circular overhead caught his eye.


“Wow! What’s that?”, said the young woman that time. Since he had drunk quite a bit at the beer festival, he quickly thought that it was a UFO. She, according to her post, then began telling everyone she knew what she believed it to be.

@daddi_bling And then I told everyone I knew that I saw a UFO 🤦🏼‍♀️ @valerrious ♬ original sound – Maddi Studer

However, after doing that, the girl acknowledged that, as she had a drink, she did not realize that it was actually a lamppost. Many users of TikTokWhen they saw his recording, they expressed their support and assured that, instead, they would also have thought the same.

The concrete thing is that the video of the experience he lived, which was published just a few days ago, has already gone around the world. To such an extent that it is already circulating on various social networks. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is your chance to check it out.

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