Young man made a big mistake while sunbathing and now he can’t leave the house without wearing a mask

Holidays with an unexpected ending. Ellie Jean, 19, is a young woman who wanted to look radiant and tanned for an event in Portugal, but this did not go as expected. The British woman thought that sunbathing for a week would have the desired result; however, the only thing she achieved was to damage her skin. Their history hit social media.

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Ellie is a student nurse from Wigan, Greater Manchester, and is aware of the harm that can be done by Sun rays to a lot of exposure; however, it seems to indicate that he forgot about it during his vacation in Portugal.

According to the portal the young British woman had an event in that country and wanted to look tanned, so she decided sunbathe every day. Jean rubbed sunscreen all over her body, but she forgot it on his lips.

Instead of using sunscreen, the woman applied Vaseline. Which it was the result? A painful burn appeared on her that she initially mistook for a cold sore. “I had been sunbathing the whole day before and then I woke up and at first I thought it was a cold sore because there was a lump,” manifested.

One mistake after another

The second mistake that the young woman made is that she put a skin care cream on her lips, cleaned the affected area and went back to sunbathe again. “I already had blisters at the time, but then it got a lot worse,” he added.

The before and after of Ellie, who forgot to put sunscreen on her lips. | Photo: Kennedy News

Ellie revealed that she had a burning sensation all over her lip and she couldn’t chew or testicle properly as her mouth bled and the wound got bigger.

A mask, his salvation

The bleeding did not stop and the woman, according to the cited media, was forced to use a mask to leave home. In the images published by Kennedy Noticias, you can see the entire lower lip with blisters and a black coast.

After her vacation in Portugal, the woman visited a doctor to help her with her problem. This only happened after a week of using different creams without any success.

Lesson learned

According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Jean affirms that he told her that these lip burns are more common in people who have lip fillers, to which the young woman recalled that the last time she had it was in November 2021.

“He asked me if I had lip fillers and I do but I haven’t had my lips done in a long time, since last November,” accurate. Ellie hopes that the coast will not leave a scar and from now on she will be more careful with the issue of her skin, especially when she is exposed to the sun.

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