Young man gives his first streamer salary to his mother: “It was never just a little game”

Allyson Galdino is a streamer from Brazil who upon receiving his first salary had no better idea than to give it to his mother, the woman who always supported him and believed in him. His actions are commented on in several social networks. Here we will tell you everything.

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The young man in this story used his TikTok (@nordzeratv) to publicize the gesture he had with his mother. The video of the moment was published exactly on August 9 of this year. Yes, several months ago.

According to the recording, Allyson returned to her mother’s home. He ended up finding her in her yard doing housework. “Mom, you know I left home not long ago. I went out to pursue my dreams, but I gave you this again, my first salary that I received as a streamer and I promised that I would give it to you “said the young man, who took out cash from his wallet that he later gave to his mother.


The mother couldn’t believe it. She expressed that she would save to buy a washing machine and was happy for her son’s good gesture. Both, in the end, embraced. “It was never just a little game”, it reads in the description of the video published in TikTok.

As reported 20 minutes, the young man gave his mother more than 85 euros. Many of his followers applauded his actions and were encouraged to share the clip on other social networks. If you haven’t seen it, this is your chance to do so.

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