Young man gives a lesson in nets when bathing on the beach despite not having one of his limbs

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If you think that it is the end of the world because you have just ended a relationship of years or you do not have one of your extremities, then you are very wrong and the following viral video that circulates in TikTok will remove the blindfold. A 22-year-old Spanish citizen gives a lesson in the social networks bathing at the beach despite the difficulty it presents.

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“How do I swim at the beach if I am an amputee? Well…”, Dali Dali wrote (@dalianabar) at the beginning of the video. What happened after? The young woman taught her step by step how she manages to take off her clothes very easily and, above all, swim on the beach without any help.

The first thing he does is take off his clothes, then he approaches the shore holding on to his orthopedic crutches to enter after a while. After that, the woman lies down on the sand and lets the waves carry her into the sea. The rest is history.

@dalianabar Let nothing stop us from enjoying… #foryou #girl #beach #viral #amputee #disability #foryoupage ♬ Me Porto Bonito – Bad Bunny & Chencho Corleone

“Let nothing stop us from enjoying”, is the text that accompanies the video uploaded on the TikTok platform, which was very well received on the internet and this is reflected in its figures: 4.2 million views and 240 thousand likes since Monday, June 13.

Users did not take long to react to the images and praised Dali, who continues to smile at life despite not having one of his limbs. The young Spanish woman shares in Instagram their day to day and has the support of thousands of Internet users.

What is the function of the upper and lower extremities?

Extremities. The limbs are made up of the upper limbs (the arms) and the lower limbs (the legs). Their main function is to form the locomotive system of the human body, that is, to guarantee mobility and the development of mechanical abilities of different types, according to

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